Portable Suction Pump Vacus 7018

The portable model Vacus 7018, designed for extracting mucus, is widely used for emergency treatment in hospitals and first-aid centers. A special model type for gynecology is also available.

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Adjustable vacuum range 0,02 - 0,08 MPa (150-600 mmHg)
Efficiency 18±2l/min
Noise <60dB
Storage bottle 1000 ml (one more bottle optional)
Power supply 220V±10%,50HZ
Input 110 VA
Weight 4,5 kg
Dimension 550 x264 x365 mm


♦The oil-less vacuum source with a high flow double piston cylinder pump requires low maintenance

♦The vacuum regulator controls the required level of vacuum

♦The overflow protection device prevents liquid or solid particles from entering the intermediatetubing ♦The air filter reduces contamination to the environment

♦The capacious storage bottles made of high quality plastics

♦Various types of the storage bottles are available

♦The hoses, made of non-toxic glass like polymer, are easy to use and clean

♦Low noise

♦Long-term use
♦Safe and reliable

Suction hose - 1

Phlegm catheter - 1

Fuse for mains Rf1 0,5AL - 2

1000ml bottle - 1

Lid with overflow protection device - 1

Air filter - 2

Storage bottle


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