It’s Race Time!

RUN4iDEAS Corporate Race takes place in Düsseldorf annually, every time attracting an increasing number of participating companies and participants of running.

The marathon started on Thursday, June 25th, with almost twice the number of registrated runners compared to the last year.

The goal of RUN4iDEAS was not only fun, communication, and teamspirit. Except good mood, one of the main purposes of the marathon was charity. This time all the funds raised from registration were transferred to the following charity foundations: 

  • – Wir helfen Kindern e.V. 
  • – Smile Cambodia – Hilfe für Kambodscha e.V.

We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of RUN4iDEAS for good mood and positive energy!

RUN4iDEAS Corporate Race in Düsseldorf

More than 400 companies and their employees from Düsseldorf and the area are taking part in charity mass sprint RUN4iDEAS.

The distance is 6,1 kilometres.

We wish all the participants good luck!

New neonatal option for Aeros 4800

We are glad to inform our clients that ventilators Aeros 4800 are available now with the neonatal option, which includes:

– Spontaneous Breathing Trials (SBT) – a new lung function used to help assess the patient’s dependence on positive pressure ventilation (not available in USA/Canada)

– PV Maneuver – used to calculate upper and lower inflection points for adults

– Neonate Mode includes:

– Default Alarm limits appropriate for the Neonate

– Ventilation modes available in Neonatal Mode are PCV and PSV

– Tidal Volume Range: 0 – 4000 ml

– Tidal Volume Resolution: 1 ml

– Minimum Pinsp is 1 cmH2O

Aeros 4800 is suitable for infants (with extremely low birth weight  ≥500gr), children, adults

Special offer!

Dixion company is ready to make its clients a special offer for the Modular Patient Monitor DS-5.

Up to date Models

We are glad to inform that fetal and maternal monitors Overtone D65 / 6520 / 6530 Exp / 6530 / 6510 / 6500 / 6580 are available for sale now.

These Monitors positions are on special promotion now, so don’t miss the chance to get an attractive discount!

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales managers.

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