Introducing Antibacterial Toys

DIXION is happy to present the brand-new area – innovative antibacterial Tidy Toys for children. Tidy Toys will be useful in healthcare institutions, kindergartens and infant clubs as they are intended to mitigate the risk of infection spread. Tidy Toys series is a true breakthrough in the field of environmental and health protection. Antibacterial Tidy Toys are characterized by exceptional aseptic properties. Upon 8 hours from the contact these toys are almost completely sterile and pose no risk of infection to children. The antibacterial effect is caused by unique composition – products are made of a mixture of pine wood and plastics. Combination of natural and synthetical elements enables large-scale manufacture of devices with aseptic features. Thanks to the above mentioned benefits, Tidy Toys can be used at home as well as in medical institutions. We believe that such toys will be especially interesting for healthcare professionals as the issue of compliance with disinfection requirements is particularly relevant in healthcare facilities. Your DIXION team

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