Biphasic defibrillator-monitor Dixion HD-1

Reliable and effective defibrillators satisfy the requirements of modern medicine.


  • manual and automatic mode
  • biphasic pulse
  • synchronized cardioversion (ECG synchronous defibrillation)
  • light weight (3,5kg)

Standard equipment:

  • defibrillator
  • reusable defibrillation electrodes (interated pediatric
  • ECG, 3-lead
  • power cable
  • AC adapter
  • NI-MH battery
  • user manual


  • disposable adhesive electrodes
  • ECG, 5/10 discharges
  • SpO2 module
  • outer cardiostimulation module
  • NIBP module
  • rechargable Li-ion battery
  • carrying case


  • pulse oximetry
  • NIBP
  • outer cardiostimulation
  • different power supply (batteries car plug)



Dixion HD-1-01 Basic model Dixion HD-1
Dixion HD-1-02 Basic model +SpO2
Dixion HD-1-03 Basic model +Pacemaker
Dixion HD-1-04 Basic model +NIBP
Dixion HD-1-05 Basic model +SpO2 +Pacemaker
Dixion HD-1-06 Basic model +SpO2 + NIBP
Dixion HD-1-07 Basic model +SpO2 +Pacemaker + NIBP




Impulse biphasic
Energy levels, J 1~10/15/20/30/50/70/ 100/120/ 150/170/200
Recharge 7 s for 200 J
Pediatric electrodes installed in adult electrodes Yes
Battery charge capacity 100 impulses per 200 J
Battery charging time 5 hours


number of leads 3-12 (depends on the equipment)
Print 1 Channel
Built-in printer Yes
Print speed 25 mm/s
Printer paper width 50 mm


Dimensions 152х91 mm, 7“
Type Color, LCD
Resolution 800х480 pixels
Weight 5 kg
Pulse Oximeter optional
Cardiostimulator optional

Basic service