BR6 Level Armoured Ambulance

Ballistic Armor at BR6 Level Specification

  •  BR6 Level Car Armour (EN1522)
  • BR6 39 mm Ballistic Glass (EN1063)
  • Ballistic Steels BR6: The front chest, front pillars, middle pillars, passenger rear wall, rear pillars, door frames, front fenders, rear hoods, risky areas of the windows and sidewalls of the vehicle shall be armoured with ballistic Armor Steel.
  • CEILING: The ceiling will be protected with CEN (Committee European Normalization BS / EN 1522-1523) BR4+ level ballistic steel material. BR6 level protection for ECM, Fuse Box, and Batteries Batteries, Electronic Panel, and the Fuel Tank, if appropriate, shall be armoured with armour steel.
  • Reinforced Door Hinges, Gas Springs, Latches.
  • FLOOR: The vehicle floor will be covered with NATO standard Stanag 2920 armour steel with a prescribed v50-value of 600m/s. (Withstands DM 51 and HG85 Hand Grenades and DM31 APlandmines)
  • 2 personnel, firing grilles, front protection bar, exhaust protection, sight glasses, escape hatch, ventilation, control lock system
  • Suspension Reinforcement
  • The helical springs will be changed and suspensions suitable for the weight of the vehicle will be strengthened.
  • Run-Flat System

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