BR6 Level Customised Armoured Ambulance

Ballistic Armor at BR6 Level Specification

  • The vehicle’s doors, sides, rear, roof and optional sliding doors will be armoured.
  • 8mm thick, water-resistant marine plywood will be mounted on the floor of the vehicle
  • (including the driver’s section).
  • 2mm thick, anti-static and anti-bacterial floor material will be covered on the marine plywood.
  • Ballistic glasses
  • Rear section; It will be the sick part. Driver section; right-left front doors, Right-left front sidewall, front roof, middle roof, center pillars, front pillars, door frames, front eyebrows, right-left eyebrows, front fenders and hood cover (DIN EN 1522, DIN EN 1523) It will be armored with 6.5 mm thick Ballistic Armor Steel in BR6 standards.
  • Patient department; Right-left rear side wall, front side of the tailgate, rear roof and rear fender hoods (DIN EN 1522, DIN EN 1523) will be armored with 6.5 mm thick Ballistic Armor Steel in BR6 standards.
  • Optional 1 Emergency Escape Cover and 1 Turbo Ventilation will be installed. Emergency Escape Cover (DIN EN1522, DIN EN 1523) will be manufactured using 6.5 mm thick Ballistic Armor Steel in BR6 standards.


  • 39mm thick polycarbonate reinforced multi-laminated ballistics in BR6 standards on the windshield of the vehicle (DIN EN 1063).
  • 39mm thick, polycarbonate reinforced multi-laminated ballistic glass in BR6 standards will be mounted on the door windows of the vehicle (DIN EN 1063). The windows will be redesigned as collapsible.


  • The locks and hinges of the right-left front and rear doors will be strengthened. Tension bands will be mounted on the doors.
  • Right-left front doors of the vehicle; A bolt lock with a diameter of ø16mm and a length of 10cm will be mounted.
  • “Emergency Left Front Door Deadbolt Release Button” will be installed.


  • A new, optional, independent installation will be installed without disturbing the installation on the vehicle.
  • Turbo ventilation, escape hatch warning, door warning, nanny horn siren, emergency left front door bolt release button and other installations will be connected to this installation.
  • Necessary installation preparations will be made for the establishment of the vehicle tracking system and the new installation will be installed in harmony with the vehicle tracking system.
  • For system safety, 8 fuse panels will be added to the vehicle.
  • In addition, the installation of the vehicle will be stored in such a way that it will not be damaged by armor and external factors.



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