Central Monitoring Station DIXION Overtone

Overtone central monitoring system provides professional central monitoring solution for ICU, CCU, NICU, Obstetrics & Gynecology Room, General Ward. It can provide powerful server to build wire/wireless LAN monitoring system covering the whole hospital. Overtone CMS can also support PACS, HL7 and HIS system to realize information share and specialist network diagnosis.


  • Wire and wireless central monitoring system
  • Slave monitor at doctors room 19 inch
  • Single & Dual screen central monitoring solution
  • Standard TCP/IP network interface
  • Single screen for monitoring 16 bedside monitors
  • Dual screen for monitoring 32 bedside monitors
  • Bi-directional communication to realize mutual control of central monitor and bedside monitor
  • Large storage capacity: 720 hours full disclosure waveform review, 1240 hours trends graph review, 1000 alarm records review, 50 000 patient historical data
  • Displaying waveforms and data of parameters ECG, Spo2, RESP, NIPB, EtCO2, FHR, TOCO, FM
  • User-friendly software design, easy operation, high concentration data management

Basic service