Central Monitoring Station Storm Dixion

Central Monitoring Station (CMS) allows you to monitor and control patient’s condition in real time, get notifcations for each patient when certain parameters go beyond normal range. With the CMS you can also review the history of the saved patient data, print selected parameters, waveforms and trends. All databases are kept in one system which guarantees fast access to needed information.

  • 12 hours – Short trends
  • 96 hours – Waveforms of all parameters
  • 240 hours – Trends
  • 720 – NIBP records
  • 720 – Alarms

Up to 128 monitors in one system

Up to 20 000 patient IDs

Wired connection (UTP-cable)

Wireless connection possible (Wi-Fi)

Analytics and calculation of drug doses, hemodynamics, respiration and SpO2

Simultaneous visualization of 32 diagrams from 16 bedside monitors

Support of HL7 and XML protocols

Remote operation of patient’s monitor:

Time synchronization

NIBP measurement

Changing patient’s ID and data

Setting parameters for critical alarms


Basic service