DIXION Neonatal Bed

The neonatal bed designed for in-hospital baby care is supplied with manual backrest and knee-rest angle adjustment. The plastic bar platform provides excellent ventilation and makes it easy to clean.

  • Fixed IV pole
    Stainless IV pole is fastened on head board for hanging IV bottle and IVAC (height adjustement from 104 to 142 cm)
  • Platform
    Plastic bar platform provides excellent ventilation and is easy to clean without rust problems.
  • Side rail
    Fence-style side rail is made of aluminum without rust problems. The safety height can ensure the safety of the infant in hospital.
  • Face side rail
    Removable face side rail on 4 sides (optional) provide access to the infant.
  • Hi-Lo Crank
    Backrest and knee-rest cranks are located under foot board.
  • IV pole socket
    IV pole socket is located on the side of the leg flap.
  • Storage bin
    Two plastic bins (for towels, diaper, clothes, and toys) are located under the frame (optional).
  • Casters
    Four 5″ casters with dust-proof cover and brakes
  • Side rail elevation grip
    Each side rail has one grip to adjust the side rail height. Grasp the grip to unlock the bolt and lift up/down to the suitable height, then release the grip and make sure the bolt is locked for safety. Air spring inside can assist the side rail to move up and down easily.
Dimension I  
Overall size

Side rail


L 112 x W 77 cm

L 106 x W 66 cm

L 102 x H 60 cm

Dimension II
Overall size

Sleeping surface

Side rail

L 159 x W 77 cm

L 153 x W 66 cm

L 149 x H 60 cm


Knee gatch

Caster diameter

0 – 75°

0 – 40°

12.5 cm


Overall size

106 × 66 × 8 cm

111 x 76 cm

Basic service

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