DIXION Pediatric Mechanical Bed

Overall length 1590 mm
Overall width   770 mm
Overall height 1460 mm
Sleeping surface height   810 mm
Sleeping surface length 1530 mm
Sleeping surface width   660 mm


Backrest elevation angle 0 – 75°
Knee gatch elevation angle 0 – 40°
Safety load Maximum 120 kg


Sleeping surface ABS plastics
Head & foot frames Wooden, PVC laminated, steel
Side rail Aluminum, hi-low adjustable, one touch safety clip design
Caster Single brake caster with cover, 125 mm

Safety load: 100 kg

Drainage hook Stainless steel, a total of 6 pcs, 3 pcs on each side
IV pole 2-section adjustable length (400 mm), 2 hooks, stainless steel
IV socket Stainless steel, a total of 4 locations
IV pole storage Stainless steel

Basic service