Electrocoagulator Altafor 1330 Plus

Can be used for most surgical procedures. Ideal for use in general surgery.

  • microprocessor-controlled generator output regulation
  • wide range of monopolar and bipolar modes
  • 10 c­hannel custom programming


  1. maximum output power of 300W, very low output resistance of 100-300 ohm(depending on operating model
  2. high frequency generator of 400-500 kHz, the excellent coagulation cut guarantees implementation of interventions on two surgical sites possible simultaneously
  3. operating the generator: 4 modes of monopolar cut, bipolar mode cutting and bipolar coagulation, contact coagulation, spray coagulation
  4. wide range of accessories in the basic set that surpasses the competition by far
  5. compatible with endoscope and argon plasma systems
  6. reliable REM (monitoring system through the neutral electrode) for patient safety during the surgery

Basic service