Electrocoagulator Altafor 1340 Plus

Can be used with most surgical procedures, including in cardiac surgery or urology, where large output powers are needed.

  • Microprocessor-controlled power output regulation of the generator
  • Wide selection of operating modes, both in mono-and in the bipolar mode
  • 10 programming channels for custom programming


  1. maximum output power of 400W
  2. very low output resistance of 100-300 ohm (depending on operating mode)
  3. high frequency generator of 400-500 kHz, which ensures exceptional coagulation cut, implementation of interventions in two places simultaneously
  4. operating modes of the generator: 4 modes of monopolar cut, bipolar cut and bipolar coagulation, contact coagulation, spray coagulation
  5. compatible with endoscopes and argon plasma systems

Basic service