Electrohydraulic Operating Table DIXION Surgery 8800/8800S

Electrohydraulic Operating Table DIXION Surgery 8800/8800S is designed for a wide range of surgeries.

Electromotion facilitates various adjustments  of positions, intellectualized repositions and enables the table to proceed with a quick return to horizontal position.





Surgery 8800 Surgery 8800S
Automatically lockable remote control

Large-scale elevation provides an easier examination for C-arm ­ uoroscopy

With built-in kidney bridge, suits for kidney operation

Optional traction for orthopedics

Stainless steel cover and anti-rust/corrosion cover

Photograph board is suitable for X-Ray

Eqquiped with 24V battery that meets the operating demand for one week


Longitudinal slide up to 350mm for free access to C arm

Extreme weight load capacity of 300kgs with highest safety and stability

Memory pad with antistatic‚ waterproof design

Standard override panel control makes the control safer

“EASY CLICK” leg plate control by electro-hydraulic and manual

Battery power for 50-80 operations

Optional base with double wheel

Built-in kidney bridge


Standard Accessories:

Shoulder support – 1pair

Body support – 1pair

Anesthetic screen – 1piece

Arm support – 1pair

Leg support – 1pair

Foot plate – 1pair



Model Surgery 8800 Surgery 8800S
Tabletop (length x width) 1960 mm x 500 mm


2170 mm x 550 mm


Elevation (up/down) 1100 mm/690 mm


1100 mm/690 mm


Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 30°/30°




Lateral Tilt (left/right) 20°/20°




Head rest (up/down) 40°/90°




Foot Plate (up/down & horizontal positioning) 15°/90° 15°/90°/90°
Back Plate (up/down) 90°/40°




Longitudinal Sliding 350 mm


350 mm


Kidney bridge height adjustement 110 mm


110 mm


Wrist Plate up 120 mm


Power ≈ 220 V, 50 Hz, 1.0k W


AC 220V/110V
Load capacity 250 kg (400 kg – optional) 300 kg


Basic service