Electrohydraulic Operating Table DIXION Surgery 8800/8800S

Electrohydraulic Operating Table DIXION Surgery 8800/8800S is designed for a wide range of surgeries.

Electromotion facilitates various adjustments  of positions, intellectualized repositions and enables the table to proceed with a quick return to horizontal position.


Surgery 8800 Surgery 8800S
Automatically lockable remote control

Large-scale elevation provides an easier examination for C-arm ­ uoroscopy

With built-in kidney bridge, suits for kidney operation

Optional traction for orthopedics

Stainless steel cover and anti-rust/corrosion cover

Photograph board is suitable for X-Ray

Eqquiped with 24V battery that meets the operating demand for one week


Longitudinal slide up to 350mm for free access to C arm

Memory pad with antistatic‚ waterproof design

Standard override panel control makes the control safer

“EASY CLICK” leg plate control by electro-hydraulic and manual

Battery power for 50-80 operations

Optional base with double wheel

Built-in kidney bridge


Standard Accessories:

Shoulder support – 1pair

Body support – 1pair

Anesthetic screen – 1piece

Arm support – 1pair

Leg support – 1pair

Foot plate – 1pair


Model Surgery 8800 Surgery 8800S
Tabletop (length x width) 1960 mm x 500 mm


2170 mm x 550 mm


Elevation (up/down) 1100 mm/690 mm


1100 mm/690 mm


Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 30°/30°




Lateral Tilt (left/right) 20°/20°




Head rest (up/down) 40°/90°




Foot Plate (up/down & horizontal positioning) 15°/90° 15°/90°/90°
Back Plate (up/down) 90°/40°




Longitudinal Sliding 350 mm


350 mm


Kidney bridge height adjustement 110 mm


110 mm


Wrist Plate up 120 mm


Power ≈ 220 V, 50 Hz, 1.0k W


AC 220V/110V
Load capacity 250 kg extreme weight load capacity of 350 kg


Basic service

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