Functional Electric Bed DIXION Intensive Care Bed

Our products are made with care and meticulous attention to detail, which gives you the opportunity to provide optimal medical care.

Hi-Low Function

This function is for the patient’s egress and examination. It offers a comfort working atmosphere for caregivers and prevents backache.

Restraint Strap Holder

To enhance safety of the patient by fastening the safety belt.

Trend & Reverse Trend

This function is capable of 12° Trend/Reverse Trend and can be easily activated at any height to facilitate medical treatments.


Electric CPR Controller

There are two CPR controllers located on both sides of the bed.

The CPR function can put the whole bed into initial horizontal level immediately from any position. It aims to facilitate medical emergency treatment.

Chair position

Design to increase patient comfort. Smart function for easy setting and reducing the need for caregiver to reposition.


5” central braking casters

Flat position

Design to facilitate caring work for caregivers. Smart function for easily setting the sleeping platform to the total flat level.

Central Brake System

The central device is located at the foot end under the bed. It is convenient and easy to lock and unlock the casters.

Orthopedics Traction Socket

Total of 4 sockets to support the traction frame construction.

Head & Foot Board Lock System

– Easy lock and release

– Keeps the board firmly even when moving the bed.

I.V. Pole Socket

– Total of 6 sockets supporting I.V. Pole on the bed, 4 located on each corner and 2 at the middle of the bed on both sides.

– I.V. Pole storage is designed under the ABS platform of the bed.

Removable ABS Platform

– 4-section air-permeable washable ABS platform decreases bacteria accumulating and can be easily cleaned.

– Special anti-slippery ABS platform

Embedded Control Panel (External)

– Located on both sides of external ABS side rails for caregivers to control.

– 5 sets of leveling controllers for adjusting Backrest, Bed Hi-Low, Knee-Gatch, Auto-Settee and Trend & Reverse Trend.

– The graph on the panel is legible and the controls are friendly operated.

Embedded Control Panel (Internal)

– Located on both sides of internal ABS side rails for patients to control.

– 4 sets of leveling controllers for adjusting Backrest, Bed Hi-Low, Knee Gatch and Auto-Settee.



ABS Side Rail

– 4-section tuck-away ABS side rails

– Embedded control panels are located at internal/external backrest side rails.

– Side-rail safety knobs are located under the removable ABS platform.

– ABS-integrated injection molding with smooth finishing

Attendant Control Panel

– Located at the footend of the bed.

– Individual control functions include Backrest, Bed Hi-Low, Knee Gatch, Auto-Settee, Trend & Reverse Trend, Chair & Flat Position and Position Memory setting also available.

– Digital LED indicator to show the angle of Backrest, Knee Gatch, Trend & Reverse Trend and the height of the bed separately.

– Security Lock function can lock Backrest, Knee Gatch, Bed Hi-Low function separately.

Mattress Stopper

Prevents the mattress from slipping.

Removable ABS Head & Foot Board

– Injection Molding ABS Board

– Easy and durable application

– Round handle facilitates pushing of the bed.


Dimension (L×W) 224cm × 109cm
Sleeping surface 194.5× 91.5cm
Hi/Low range 30cm (48-78cm)
Backrest angle 0-75⁰
Knee Gatch 0-40⁰
Trend./Rev.trend ±12⁰
Max.weight capasity 230kg

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