Mobile Surgical Lights Convelar 1605/1607

The mobile surgical lights Convelar 1605/1607 are applicable to surgeries and examinations in hospitals and clinics. High mobility and ergonomic design. High illumination of the light field.


  • The construction type of the cantilever guarantees smooth movement of the light unit, howewer providing fixed position accuracy.
  • Innovative system of multi-mirror reflection
  • Minimum light intensity loss
  • Maximum shadowless effect even at partial darkening
  • Radiation heat minimized due to a special infrared ray filter (reduces up tu 99 %)
  • In case the main lamp breaks down, the back-up lamp automatically switches on in less than 0.3 seconds.
Specification Convelar 1605 Convelar 1607
Illumination 60-120 kLx 90-160 kLx
Light spot diameter 120-300 mm 150-300 mm
Illumination depth 1200 mm 1400 mm
Lamp diameter 500 mm 700 mm
Multi-mirror 2600 3800
Color temperature 4500K±10% 4500K±10%
Temperature rise < 10 ºC < 10 ºC
Extra lamp switch-on time < 0.2 sec < 0.2 sec
Power 110 W 150 W

Basic service