Obstetric Modular Monitor DIXION Overtone D65

Overtone D65 – 1st obstetric modular monitor – provides a variety of obstetric care equipment which can meet all the demands in obstetrics.

Overtone D65 offers comprehensive monitoring in prenatal diagnosis, delivery and postpartum.

The monitor model Overtone D65 consists of main and plug-in modules.

The plug-in module is specified for emergency transport and postpartum monitoring. The module is adopted with 4.3 inch touchscreen. It can be used as a separate monitor to meet the requirements in first aid, postpartum transport and recovery.

Alarm system

  • 3-level alarm system (visual and audio)
  • Unique I-KLOK intelligent alarm technology

ConxOS operating system

Overtone D65 carries DIXION’s brand new ConxOS operating system. ConxOS is a specific operating system applied to medical monitoring field. It uses pre-emptive real-time multi-tasking technology and integrates with the current most advanced multi-process mode. The terse and effective system overhead & resource utilizations insure more smooth running. As a medical monitoring software, ConxOS’s stability and accuracy offer operation security for medical staff, as well as its great 3D visual touch experience in the creation of ergonomics.

  • 12.1″ TFT foldable touch screen display
  • Built-in litium ion battery (above 4 hours working time)
  • High sensitive waterproof  transducer
  • 96 hours full data rewiew
  • Power-off data protection
  • Built-in 152 mm termal printer with Cali-rec  system
  • Auto/manual fetal movement marker
  • Visual and audio alarm
  • Tem Pom TM-technology allowed to avoid overtime monitoring
  • Compatible with Dixion Central Monitoring System (wire or wireless)
  • Support data storage and program upgrading by external USB disk
  • Plug-in module (for emergency transport) could be used as separated monitor
  • Plug-in module adopted with 4.3″ touch screen

Standart configuration




-Built-in printer

-Built-in battery

Optional configuration

-Twins FHR

-Fetal stimulator

-Multiparametric  module  for ECG, SpO2, TEMP, NIBP, RESP

-External printer


Power AC100-250V, 50/60Hz
Display 12.1“ Color TFT  LCD

Resolution: 800 x 600

Interface USB/SD card slot

RJ45 port

AC power supply socket

Auto- identificator (sensor)




Fast print speed



Paper advanced speed




152mm, Z-fold, thermo sensitive

25mm/s(stored traced)

50mm/s(ECG wave)


1/2/3 cm /min selectable



Ultrasound Pulse Doppler with autocorrelation

Work Mode: pulse wave

Ultrasound Frequency: 1MHz~3MHz



Measurement Range for FHR 30bpm~250bpm
TOCO measurement range 0-100 Relative (%)

Zero mode: Manual


Size 423mm×316mm×96mm
Net Weight 5.5kg

Basic service