Pulse Oximeter DIXION Storm 5100

Dimensions 58.5mm(W)x123mm(H)x28mm(D)
Weight 200g
BatteryType 3 AA Alkaline batteries or

Lithium ion rechargeable battery (Option)

Runtime: >16 hours for normal measurement status




2.4″ OLED 320*240 pixels


Data Storage


Displaying way: Trend tabular

Trend interval: 2 seconds to 30 minutes

Trend parameter: PR, Sp02

Trend data:Spot-checkmode: ID from 1 to 99, 300 group for each ID.

Continuous monitor mode: 60000 group can be srored


Digital Sp02 Range: 0-100%

Resolution: 1%

Accuracy: 70% to 100%: ±2%




Range: 25 bpm to 250 bpm

Resolution: 1 bpm

Accuracy: ±2% or ±1 bpm

Nellcor Sp02 (Option)


Range: 0% to 100%

Resolution: 1%

Accuracy: 70% to 100%: ±3% (neonatal), ±2%(Adult/child)

0% to 69%: unspecified

Refreshing rate:7 seconds

Pitch Tone: with




Range: 20 bpm to 300 bpm

Resolution: 1 bpm

Accuracy: 20bmp~250bmp ±3bmp,

251~300bmp unspecified

Refreshing rate: 7s


ECG (Option)


3 lead (RA, LA, LL or R, L, F)

Lead: I, II, III

Input impedance: >5.0MQ

Input current: <0.1 uA

CMRR: Diagnostic mode >90dB

HR range: 10 bpm -300 bpm

HR Resolution: 1 bpm

HR Accuracy: +1% or +1 bpm




Standard configuration:

Digital SP02, Pulse Rate, Pleth bar& Sp02 waveform,

Optional configuration:

Nellcor Sp02, 3-lead ECG, infrared receiving adapter,

Rechargeable lithium battery(include battery charger &

AC-DC adapter), Perfusion index

Basic service

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