Ventilator DIXION Aeros 4500

Aeros 4500 is a critical care ventilator suitable for intra-hospital transport and sub-acute care of infants, children and adults. Aeros 4500 combines the advantages of a flexible noninvasive ventilator with a full-featured invasive ventilator. It has comprehensive functionality and a user-friendly design. Its internal turbine provides needed air pressure with a low sound level and along with its internal batteries prepares it fully for mobile use.


  • Turbine driven and electronically controlled
  • Detachable 12” TFT LCD touch screen
  • Invasive and noninvasive ventilation
  • Upgradeable to add ETCO2 functions
  • Comprehensive lung mechanics monitoring
  • 72 hours trend with 30 seconds resolution
  • Tube compensation and leak compensation
  • Compact design, built-in battery capable of running ventilator for 2 hours




  Aeros 4500
Ventilation modes VCV













Tidal volume 20 – 2000 ml
Respiratory rate 1 – 80 bpm
Inspiratory time 0.2 – 9s
Inspiration pause time 0 – 4s
I:E ratio 1:10  –  4:1
Trigger sensitivity (pressure) -2 – 0 kPa
Trigger sensitivity (flow) 0.5 – 20 l/min
PEEP/CPAP 0 – 3,5 kPa
Psupport 0 – 7 kPa
Pinsp. 0.5 – 7 kPa
O2-Concentration 21 – 100%
EtCO2 optional
 Monitoring Pressure values:

Pplat, Ppeak, Pmean, Pmin, PEEP


Volume/Flow values:

VTi, VTe, MVe, MVspont

Time values:

 ftotal, fspont, I:E


Oxygen monitoring:

Inspiratory O2 concentration (FiO2), End-expiratory CO2 concentration (etCO2)


Pressure/Volume loop,

Pressure/Flow loop, Flow/Volume loop

Rexp, Leak niv, RSBI, Vdaw, I:E, Tispont, Cdyn



Alarm MV high/low

Paw high/low

PEEP low

etCO2 high/low

fspont high

Apnea alarm

Power supply AC110 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 65VA
Gas supply 0.28-0.6 Mpa
Dimensions(Basic unit) 375×421×300 mm
Weight Total weight- 42.5kg

Cart weight- 25kg

Basic service