Ventilator DIXION Aeros 4800

This pneumatically driven and electronically controlled ventilator is suitable for infants, children and adults. It has comprehensive functionality and user-friendly design. The ventilator offers high quality and reliable treatment options for the clinician. Touchscreen and navigator wheel controls user interface easily.


Ventilation Modes

  • Volume Controlled (VCV), Assist/Control
  • Pressure Controlled (PCV), Assist/Control
  • Pressure Regulation Volume Controlled (PRVC), Assist/Control
  • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation, SIMV (VCV) + PSV, SIMV (PCV) + PSV, SIMV (PRVC) + PSV
  • Spontaneous Ventilation (SPONT/CPAP) + PSV
  • Bi level Ventilation (BIVENT/APRV) + PSV
  • Noninvasive Ventilation (NIV/CPAP + PSV, NIV/PCV)



Parameters and ranges  
Tidal volume 10 -2500 ml
Respiratory rate 1-120 bpm
Inspiratory time 0,2-9s
Inspiratory pause time 0-4s
T slope 0-2s
FiO2 21% – 100%
PEEP 0 -50 cm H2O
CPAP 2-20 cm H2O
P support 0-90 cm H2O
P insp. 5-90 cm H2O
E sens. 5%-80%
Flow patterns: Square, decelerating
Inspiratory hold  
Exspiratory hold  
Nebulizer: 30 or 45 minutes
Auto tube compensation  
Complience compensation  
Graphical trends  
Nurse call  
Pressure values: Pmin, Pplat, Pmean, Ppeak, PEEP
Volume/Flow values: VT1, VTE, MV, MV spont, Leal%
Loops: Flow-Pressure, Pressure-Volume, Flow-Volume
Alarms MV high, MV low, Circuit disconnect, Paw high, PAW low, Continuous Airway Pressure, high, VT1 high, Fspont. High, Tapnea, FiO2 high, FiO2 low, EtCO2high, EtCO2 low , Power supply failure, Battery low, Battery exhausted, Air supply failure, O2 supply failure, PEEP low etc.

Basic service