Dixion Healthcare

Dixion Healthcare is a medical service company organizing medical treatment in Germany.

Our team will assist you in finding the most appropriate clinic and choosing the right medical specialist, as well as make an appointment in the shortest time possible, process documents, design a cost estimate for the treatment, provide legal help and support during the therapy.

Choosing our company, you will gain access to the wide experience and expertise we and our partner medical institutions have.


  • The installation of medical equipment
  • Training for users of medical equipment
  • Regular inspections
  • After-Sales-Service for medical equipment
  • Regular diagnostic and maintenance
  • Support services for hospitals

Terms of use

  • Answer upon request - 1 hour
  • Maintenance, replacement of the parts if necessary - from two till four months
  • Time to repair - till 30 days
  • Guarantee for work done - 3 till 12 months
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