FDA Approved

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Dixion is pleased to inform our partners and distributors that our company has successfully completed registration by the FDA.

The first series of our equipment, namely Operating Tables Surgery and Surgical Lights Convelar will receive FDA certifications in addition to the already existing CE certification.

These include the following models:

Operating Tables
Surgery 8500
Surgery 8600
Surgery 8700
Surgery 8800
Surgery 8900 modular
Surgical Lights
Convelar 1605
Convelar 1605 bat
Convelar 1607
Convelar 1607 bat
Convelar 1655
Convelar 1675
Convelar 1670
Convelar 1677
Convelar 1660
Convelar 1675 LED
Convelar 1677 LED
Convelar 1650 LED
Convelar 1670 LED
Convelar 1603 LED

Moreover, in the very near future, other series / models of our equipment will be certified by the FDA.

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