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Dixion is pleased to present to customers a new section of laboratory equipment – POCT analyzers as the best solution for bedside testing. These portable diagnostic devices belong to the rapid testing equipment and are designed to provide reliable and accurate results, allowing healthcare professionals to make immediate treatment decisions.

DIXION point-of-care diagnostics are very simple biochemical test systems that allow you to measure substances by simply placing a drop of sample on a small glass slide containing dry reagents. Standard biochemical test methods that use liquids require practice and skill for precision control and other aspects of the liquid method. On the other hand, DIXION POCT analyzers maximize the advantages of dry chemistry method and don‘t require any rinsing with water, the measuring equipment is compact, and the procedure is simple and straight forward. This makes DIXION POCT analyzers a perfect solution for obtaining immediate measurements in emergency or constant patients flow situations.

The working process includes only four steps:

  • Put disc in
  • Add sample and dilution
  • Click „Start“
  • Output results

Possible scenarios for using DIXION analyzers are: emergency department, primary hospital, research institution, clinical department, mobile health care.

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