DIXION product portfolio encompasses a wide range of medical equipment, devices and furniture for a variety of medical fields, including surgery, intensive care, functional diagnostics, gynaecology, neonatology, etc.

DIXION is especially experienced in designing and equipping operating theatres and intensive care wards worldwide. Ensuring staff comfort and patient safety during the urgent surgical interventions and recovery process, DIXION equipment provides reliable and flexible solutions to be implemented even in the most advanced hospitals: operating tables, surgical lights, ventilator machines, anaesthesia workstations, (emergency) suctions pumps, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, defibrillators, electrocoagulators.

Diagnostic and monitoring medical equipment of DIXION (patient monitors, pulse oximeter, and electrocardiographs) measures and controls patient parameters of cardiovascular and respiratory systems. High storage capacity and automatic results interpretation allow doctors to observe patient vital signs over time and adjust treatment accordingly.

DIXION gynaecological couches, fetal dopplers and fetal monitors for gynaecology and obstetrics departments measure women´s medical state and protect their health, as well as provide superior patient care for the pregnant women and mothers. Our comfortable and functional delivery beds supports women during unique and natural event of childbirth.

Our company is committed to taking care of newly born children and babies. DIXION neonatal equipment range comprises infant incubators, open reanimation systems, infant radiant warmers, phototherapy units, ventilator machines, patient monitors, and pulse oximeters. These neonatology products with the use of modern techniques are designed for 24-hour diagnostics, intensive care and rehabilitation of prematurely born neonates.

Additionally DIXION manufactures and deliveries highly specialised medical furniture for adult, paediatric, and neonatal hospital departments. We value essential rest of the patients and their rapid and complete recovery. DIXION medical furniture facilitates the primarily growth of the patients and improve their health status. It also contributes to more efficient physician-patient relations and fits well with the overall hospital image.

To promote strong health and optimal treatment, we also supply our customers with disposable materials for different hospital departments. Our high-end disposables ensure smooth and cost-effective functioning of a hospital and provide more advantageous treatment for patients.

DIXION provides a full range of services for healthcare facilities worldwide: from the concept development and building design to the complex equipping of a profitable hospital of any medical speciality and to the latest standard of technology. We apply a country-oriented and patient-friendly approach based on the customer’s wishes, regional needs, and national protocols and standards.

Improving healthcare. Worldwide.

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