Armoured Ambulance

Armoured Ambulance

Dixion offers armoured ambulances with integrated advanced medical equipment of our own brand name. The equipment is securely built into the vehicle and easy to use. Each armored ambulance can be assembled to the customer’s request and equipment set can be customized to the end user´s needs and requirements.

  • BR6 Level Customised Armoured Ambulance

    Ballistic Armor at BR6 Level Specification The vehicle’s doors, sides, rear, roof and optional sliding doors will be armoured. 8mm thick, water-resistant marine plywood will be mounted on the floor of the vehicle (including the driver’s section). 2mm thick, anti-static and anti-bacterial floor material will be covered on the marine plywood. Ballistic glasses Rear section; […]

    Technical characteristicsTechnical characteristics

  • BR6 Level Armoured Ambulance

    Ballistic Armor at BR6 Level Specification  BR6 Level Car Armour (EN1522) BR6 39 mm Ballistic Glass (EN1063) Ballistic Steels BR6: The front chest, front pillars, middle pillars, passenger rear wall, rear pillars, door frames, front fenders, rear hoods, risky areas of the windows and sidewalls of the vehicle shall be armoured with ballistic Armor Steel. […]

    Technical characteristicsTechnical characteristics

  • BR4 Level Armoured Ambulance

    Ballistic Armor at BR4 Level Specification PROTECTION LEVE Opaque Armor B4 Transparent Areas standard EN 1063, level BR4 Roof B4 Floor provides protection against two DM51 or DM61 hand grenades Tire retention system enables punctured driving at 50 km/h ARMOR FEATURES Opaque armor: Standard EN 1522, level FB4. Transparent areas: Standard EN 1063, level BR […]

    Technical characteristicsTechnical characteristics


  • POCT Analyzers DIXION

    Dixion is pleased to present to customers a new section of laboratory equipment – POCT analyzers as the best solution for bedside testing. These portable diagnostic devices belong to the rapid testing equipment and are designed to provide reliable and accurate results, allowing healthcare professionals to make immediate treatment decisions. DIXION point-of-care diagnostics are very […]

  • Review ARAB HEALTH 2023

    We would like to thank all our Customers, Distributors and business Partners for visiting us at the Arab Health TradeFair! The number of visitors was exiting – in terms of both new customers and regular customer contacts.  It was a perfect opportunity for us to find new contacts, as well as to improve our business […]

  • ARAB HEALTH 2023

    The Arab Health is the largest and most important trade fair for health and medicine in the MENA region and is considered the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry. The growth of the fair is trend-setting: from a small health congress in a tent, Arab Health has developed into the largest health fair […]

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