Syringe/Infusion Pumps

Syringe/Infusion Pumps

  • Feeding Pump DIXION Instilar 1420

    Pumping Mechanism Curvilinear peristaltic Enteral Feeding Set Standard enteral feeding set with silicon tube Flow Rate 1-2000 ml/h (in 1, 5, 10 ml/h increments) Purge, Bolus Purge when pump stops, bolus when pump starts, adjustable rate at 600-2000 ml/h (in 1, 5, 10 ml/h increments) Accuracy ±5% VTBI 1-9999 ml (in 1, 5, 10 ml […]

    Technical characteristicsTechnical characteristics

  • Infusion Pump DIXION Instilar 1410

    3.2″ TFT color display, interface style free switching, bid farewell to monotonous colors; Up to 9 kinds of alarms, sound, light, figure and text instructions; Wireless monitoring system to easily realize network interconnection; Five infusion modes to adapt to more environments; Can store 50,000 history records, independent or online query. Pumping Mechanism Curvilinear peristaltic IV […]

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  • Volumetric Infusion Pump DIXION Instilar 1488

    Volumetric infusion pump DIXION Instilar 1488 is designed for infusion therapy, intensive care, chemotherapy, as well as for anesthesia. It ensures control of medication dose during injection.         Features: OLED display with improved brightness and contrast than LCD screens Viewing the event log with time and date Ability to operate the pump […]

    Technical characteristicsTechnical characteristics

  • Dual Syringe Pump DIXION Instilar 1428

    This pump has two syringe drive system delivering drugs independently and cooperatively.         Features  Pop-up monitor: large screen 125 mm (128 × 64 pixels), setting with convenient operation interface providing an accurate control of both parameters and infusion process  Wide range of the adjustable occlusion level  Setting of the flow rate according […]

    Technical characteristicsTechnical characteristics


  • Rapid tests for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

    Dixion supplies rapid tests for detection of Coronovirus Disease (COVID 19). In cooperation with an accredited laboratory and a factory in China, we are launching extensive scale exports of large quantities of express tests. Dixion is an official representative of the developer and manufacturer. The accuracy of these tests is by far the highest of […]

  • ArabHealth 2020 Review

    We would like to announce that we are planning to stop production of Vacus 7303

  • Protective clothing

    Dixion starts to sell personal protective equipment. For ordering and additional information, please contact us at