• Workstation ECG Dixion 1018

    All-lead (18/15/12/9-lead) ECG workstation The 18/15-lead ECG brings more information on right precordial and posterior wall, helping doctor find the accurate location of the myocardial infarction or ischemia, and apply right treatments, preventing possible tissue death. All-lead (18/15/12/9-lead) ECG workstation 15” touch screen waterproof alphanumeric keyboard interface – VGA, USB, and SD card slot 18/15-lead […]

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  • 3-Channel ECG Dixion ECG-1003p

    This is a new generation 3-channel ECG, which incorporates benefits of the advanced technology and innovative design. The device has an extremely compact and lightweight body and is designed for emergency rooms, home visits, etc. For adult and pediatric patients One-button Operation 5“ full-touch screen Weight < 1 kg External Device Support two USB ports […]

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  • 3-Channel ECG Dixion ECG-1003

    Portable digital 3-channel ECG machine with modern design. Easy to use with a membrane keyboard. ECG data storage. Automatic ECG data interpretation. Built-in battery and automatic switch-over of power supply. Built-in thermal printer. Data transmission to PC.     Portable digital 3-channel electrocardiograph Modern design Folding LCD display 320×240mm 3-channel representation of all 12 leads […]

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  • 6-Channel ECG Dixion ECG-1006

    Modern complete digital design Foldable antiglare LCD display 12 leads simultaneous acquisition High resolution thermal printer Built-in rechrgable Li-ion battery Well designed touch pannel RS-232 port Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording Complete digital filter, avoiding baseline drift, AC, EMG interference Baseline automatic adjusment, printing position Auto/manual operation Lead-off detection and alarm Selectable printing […]

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  • 12-Channel ECG Dixion ECG-1012

    Lightweight and portable digital 12-channel ECG machine. Large graphic LCD with backlight. Internal ECG data storage (800 ECG records). Automatic ECG data interpretation. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Built-in high resolution thermal recorder to print on normal thermal paper 210mm or 215mm and A4 size fax paper (support external USB printer). USB interface for patient record […]

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  • 12-Channel ECG Dixion ECG-1012 Expert

    Modern easy-to-use expert class ECG machine with notebook design. Designed for both in-hospital and mobile use. 12.1″ high-resolution color touchscreen foldable display. Provisional diagnosis output. Automatic data interpretation. Preview and print It is  possible to preview a report for both real-time printing and file storage. Waveform process Doctor can set the printing style, printing speed, […]

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  • Electrocardiograph Accessories

    ECG carrying bag Trolley for ECG transportation

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  • Review ARAB HEALTH 2023

    We would like to thank all our Customers, Distributors and business Partners for visiting us at the Arab Health TradeFair! The number of visitors was exiting – in terms of both new customers and regular customer contacts.  It was a perfect opportunity for us to find new contacts, as well as to improve our business […]

  • ARAB HEALTH 2023

    The Arab Health is the largest and most important trade fair for health and medicine in the MENA region and is considered the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry. The growth of the fair is trend-setting: from a small health congress in a tent, Arab Health has developed into the largest health fair […]

  • FDA Approved

    Dixion is pleased to inform our partners and distributors that our company has successfully completed registration by the FDA. The first series of our equipment, namely Operating Tables Surgery and Surgical Lights Convelar will receive FDA certifications in addition to the already existing CE certification. These include the following models: Operating Tables Surgery 8500 Surgery […]

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