POCT Analyzers

POCT Analyzers

  • Automated Coagulation Analyzer MC550

    Automated Coagulation Analyzer MC550 perform tests by coagulation, immunoturbidimetric, and chromatic substrate method mainly used in emergency test of medium to high-end customers, also better meets the demand for automatic test of small customers. Features: APTT mixing study. APTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) mixing study is a laboratory test used to assess the clotting ability of […]

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  • Automated Chemistry Analyzer MS200

    Automated Chemistry Analyzer MS200 is an instrument for in vitro detection of clinical biochemical items in human. Full automatic operation, no need to add diluent and centrifuge. Only 3-step quick and easy operation leads to result. Features: The instrument is intelligent and easy to operate. Only 3 steps, users can quickly get started and understand […]

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  • Chemistry Analyzer MS100

    Chemistry Analyzer MS100 is used for the quantitative analysis of analytes in human samples. This instrument is suitable for laboratories with professional testing capabilities in medical institutions, such as central laboratories, outpatient and emergency laboratories, clinical departments, physical examination centers, etc. For in vitro diagnostic use only. Features: Whole blood sampling. It is commonly used […]

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  • Coagulation Analyzer MC100

    Using Coagulation Analyzer MC100 can quickly determine the patient’s PT/INR, APTT, TT, FDP, D-Dimer. Measurements are typically available within 12 minutes. The fast turnaround time allows any required treatment adjustments to be made quickly and virtually in the patient’s presence. Coagulation Analyzer MC100 supports single/dual-panel use, making it the system of choice for an increasing […]

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  • Review ARAB HEALTH 2023

    DIXION extend our heartfelt appreciation to you for taking the time to visit our company’s stand at the Arabhealth exhibition. Your presence and engagement contributed significantly to the success of our participation, and we are grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. We wish you unprecedented success and prosperity in all your endeavors. The […]

  • Arab Health 2024

    Dear distributors and business partners, very soon, at the end of January 2024, the international medical trade fair ArabHealth  2024 will be held at the Dubai Trade Center. We are pleased to invite you to visit us at our booth No. Z3E05 Please feel free to contact us to schedule appointments with our sales team. […]

  • POCT Analyzers DIXION

    Dixion is pleased to present to customers a new section of laboratory equipment – POCT analyzers as the best solution for bedside testing. These portable diagnostic devices belong to the rapid testing equipment and are designed to provide reliable and accurate results, allowing healthcare professionals to make immediate treatment decisions. DIXION point-of-care diagnostics are very […]

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