Suction Pumps

Suction Pumps

  • Emergency Suction Pump DIXION Vacus 7308

    The model Vacus 7308 is a trolley-style high-vacuum and high-flow medical suction unit. It is used in surgical operations when large quantities of secretion must be suctioned out quickly. Features Oil-less vacuum source requires no maintenance. Storage bottles are fixed on the panel, which makes the device compact and easy to move about. Overflow protection […]

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  • Emergency Suction Pump DIXION Vacus 7305

    The model Vacus 7305 is a trolley-style high-vacuum and high-flow medical suction unit. Vacus 7305, which absorbs the mucus rapidly from the body-cavity or the wound, is widely used in the in-patient department, particularly in operation rooms. Features Oil-less vacuum source requires no maintenance. Capacious storage bottles made of high-quality plastic and equipped with a […]

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  • Suction Pump DIXION Vacus 7032

    The model Vacus 7032 is a portable emergency suction unit with improved performance and greater capacity for vacuum secretion. The device is designed for use in emergencies and first aid measures. Features Adopt oil-free lubrication piston pump, high vacuum and large flow, equipped with overflow protection device and air filter Adopt ABS plastic case, two […]

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  • Portable Suction Pump DIXION Vacus 7018

    The portable model Vacus 7018, designed for extracting mucus, is widely used for emergency treatment in hospitals and first-aid centers. A special model type for gynecology is also available. Features Oil-less vacuum source with a high-flow double piston cylinder pump requires low maintenance. Vacuum regulator controls the required level of vacuum. Overflow protection device prevents […]

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  • Rapid tests for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

    Dixion supplies rapid tests for detection of Coronovirus Disease (COVID 19). In cooperation with an accredited laboratory and a factory in China, we are launching extensive scale exports of large quantities of express tests. Dixion is an official representative of the developer and manufacturer. The accuracy of these tests is by far the highest of […]

  • ArabHealth 2020 Review

    We would like to announce that we are planning to stop production of Vacus 7303

  • Protective clothing

    Dixion starts to sell personal protective equipment. For ordering and additional information, please contact us at