Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems

The market trends force us to respond and offer new opportunities for healthcare solutions. Dixion GmbH offers advanced ultrasound diagnostic systems for radiology, cardiology and gynecology. We formed a special offer that will expand the diagnostic capabilities. Now advanced ultrasound machines are available even for medical institutions with a limited budget. Increased dynamic range and high frame rate features reduce the time required for diagnosis. The system is supplied with matrix transducers as standard specification. Along with cardio package option, it becomes possible to raise the scope of examinations of adults and children.

Standard set:

∙             21” monitor

∙             4 transducers (including matrix transducers)

∙             Printer

∙             PW, PD, CW

∙             TVI

∙             AMM

Price range: < 50 000 Euro

Optional features:

∙ Stress ECG

∙ Fetal heart examination

∙ Breast Elastography

∙ Examination of local contractility of the left ventricle

Modern technology in obtaining of 3D images in real time provides significant advantages in obstetrics and gynecology.

Please contact us for consultations on a wide range of transducers and features.

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