Defibrillator Dixion ER-5


  • manual and automatic mode
  • biphasic pulse
  • synchronized cardioversion (ECG synchronous defibrilation)
  • light weight (3,5kg)
  • pulse-oximetry
  • different power supply (batteries car plug)

Standart equipment:

  • defibrillator
  • reusable defibrillation electrodes (intagrated pediatric)
  • ECG, 3-Lead
  • power Cable
  • AC adapter
  • Ni-MH battery
  • user manual


  • disposable adhesive electrodes
  • pediatric disposable adhesive electrodes
  • ECG, 5-lead
  • printer
  • printer paper
  • SpO2
  • module
  • rechargable Li-ion battery


Dixion ER-5-01                Basic model Defibrillatior Dixion ER-5

Dixion ER-5-02                Basic model +SpO2


Screen high-resolution 4 “LCD display

Viewing angle – 170 degrees.

Resolution – 320 x 240 pixels

Representation of both the adult and child’s ECG

Display displayable parameters: ECG, heart rate, SpО2, electrode-body-contact state, battery state of charge, self-test.

Screen display of the parameters of adult and pediatric electrodes

ECG ECG 3/5 leads
Defibrillation Controlling the pulse energy of 1 to 200 J. in manual, and 150 J in the automatic (25-175 J)

Energy storage for 200 shocks

Capacitor recharge time for a 200 J pulse for about 15 s

AED mode

reusable “iron-shaped” electrodes for adults and children, with the trigger button on the ECG recording electrodes

Memory built-in memory card (12 hour monitoring)

Optional: 35 MB SmartMedia Card (42 hours and ECG events, 1 hour audio recording)

Connection to PC IrDA, COM
Power supply combined supply 220 V / built-in battery (replacement option)

Power Supply 200 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz

3.5А 12V (car battery)

integrated battery 12V / 4500mAh / NiMH

Dimensions 365 х 455 х 105 cm
Weight 3.5 kg




Basic service