One-lamp Surgical Lights Convelar 1660/1670

A series of one-lamp surgical lights. Maximum illumination with minimum light intensity loss. Applicable to most surgeries.

The lamp replacement does not require any special skills and much time. The detachable central console with lamps makes it easy and fast to do.

There are 2 halogen lamps – main and back-up. In case the main lamp breaks down, the back-up lamp automatically switches on in 0.3 sec, which is indicated on the control board. A smooth switch-on system guarantees a long-term service life of the lamps. All of this is convenient for long-term operations.

Specification Convelar 1660 Convelar 1670
Illumination 90-150 kLx 90-160 kLx
Light spot diameter 120-300 mm 120 – 300 mm
Illumination depth 1400 mm 1400 mm
Lamp diameter 620 mm 700 mm
Movement diameter of lamp 1800 mm 1800 mm
Multi-mirror 3800 3800
Color temperature 4500K ± 10% 4500K ± 10%
Temperture rise < 10 ºC < 10 ºC
Back-up lamp switch-on < 0.2 sec. < 0.2 sec.
Power 150 W 150 W

Basic service