Emergency Transport Ventilator DIXION Aeros 4300S

Emergency Transport Ventilator DIXION Aeros 4300S:

  • combines advanced technology and versatile ventilation function
  • meets the breathing requirements ofadults, pediatric and infant patients
  • pneumatically driven electronically controlled.




Patient Type Adult, pediatric and infant patients
Ventilation Modes


• A/C-V with Sigh • A/C-P • SIMV-V • SIMV-P • SPONT/PSV

• CPAP • Manual • Apnea Backup Ventilation


Tidal Volume 0-2000 ml
Frequency 1 to 120 bpm


I:E Ratio 4:1 – 1:10


PEEP 0 – 30 mbar


O2 Concentration (FiO 2) 40 – 100 Vol%


Trigger Type Pressure trigger

Flow trigger




Ppeak, PEEP


ftotal, FiO 2

Real Time Curves Pressure-time, Flow-time




MV High /MV Low

Battery Low

FiO2 Low /FiO2 High

Paw Low



Paw High

CP High

O2 Deficiency

EX. Power Lost

System Lost


Gas Supply O2 Gauge Pr essure 250-600KPa


Dimensions (W x D x H) 300 x 156 x 168 mm


Weight Main unit ≈3.2 kg

Main unit & Accessories≈  8 kg


Screen Size 5″LCD screen


Battery Operating Time ≈ 4.5 hours


Work Temperature -18 – 50 ℃


Basic service