Functional Electric Bed

The combination of various functions of the Dixion Classic Bed bed provides optimum patient comfort, and also significantly increases the efficiency of the work of medical staff in caring for patients.

(Reverse)  Trendelenburg position

The reverse Trendelenburg position can be activated by means of the handset, whereas the Trendelenburg position can only be used after the nursing function has been activated by means of the magnetic key.

Seating or relax position

Both the backrest and knee rest are inclined simultaneously. A Reverse Trendelenburg position is simultaneously activated when a relax position is chosen on the Olympia I hospital bed. The seating position relieves pressure on the heart and is the best position in case of intestinal complaints, respiratory problems and heart or lung diseases. This position is also recommended when the patient wants to eat, drink or read.

High position

The highest position of the bed is 78,5 cm (with castors ø 125 mm). The patient can be examined and treated without straining your back.

Low or sleeping position

The low bed position of 38 cm (with castors

ø 125 mm) makes it easier for the patient to get in and out of the bed and reduces the

risk of falling.

Central brake

The foot of the Olympia bed is equipped with a design brake pedal on both sides (**). The pedal activates the 4 castors simultaneously, and can be put in 3 different positons. The red pedal activates the brake, whereas the green pedal deactivates it.

Safety galore

Our different sideguard types offer complete patient safety in each bed position. Each type has its specific advantages for both the user and patient. The choice is completely yours.

  • The Atmosphère sideguards (*) offer complete patient safety in each bed position. The sideguards constitute one unit and can be
  • Atmosphère sideguards (*) with 4 siderails 4 siderails make it possible to use mattresses with a thickness up to 22 cm.
  • The Trix sideguards (*) consist of three side- rails, offering maximum patient safety over the entire bed length. The sideguards can only be lowered by using your both hands. This safety system has been developed to prevent the side- guards from being lowered unintentionally. An integrated telescopic system makes sure that the Trix sideguards – even when the bed is extended – cover the bed sides over the entire length.

Bed panels

Type 1: Vela

The standard bed panel Vela is made of a metal bracket and a solid laminate insert panel. The bracket can be optionally chromed.

Type 2: Lauro (*)

The bed panel Lauro (*) is made of a synthetic frame and a solid laminate insert panel. The Lauro panel is standard equipped with a locking mechanism.

Type 3: Jaro (*)

The bed panel Jaro (*) is made of an aluminium frame and a solid laminate panel. It can only be combined with the Trix sideguards. The panel is also standard equipped with a locking mechanism.

Type 4: Senzo (*)

The wooden bed panel Senzo (*) is made of solid oven-dried beech and a metal bracket. The bracket can be optionally chromed.

Electric protection class I

The bed is earthed via the mains cable. The advantages are:

– a bigger ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) immunity.

– a drop in the electromagnetic field.

– width : 100 cm, length : 212 cm;

– height variation of the mattress platform :

± 38 cm – ± 78,5 cm (with castors Ø 125 mm);

– clearance height : L : 170 mm, R : 135 mm

– safe working load : 230 kg;

– weight (without accessories) : 125 kg;

– mattress dimensions : 195 x 85 cm, thickness : 12 to 22 cm (*).

* the mattress thickness depends on the type of sideguards

Basic service