Open Reanimation System BabyGuard W-1145


  • Three control modes: pre-warm mode control, manual mode control and baby mode control  by micro-computer
  • The information can be stored, consulted and indicated by the LCD display screen
  • Failure alarm indication
  • Horizontal angle of warmer module and inclination of the bassinet is adjustable
  • The panels around bassinet can be turned outward
  • Silicon mattress is heatable and temperature is controllable
  • With LED phototherapy function
  • APGAR timer
  • Vertical height adjustment (VHA) stand


Mode of control Pre-warm mode, manual mode, baby mode are controlled by micro-computer
Baby mode temperature control range 34.5°-37.5°C
Set range of mattress heating 25-38°C
Accuracy of skin temperature sensor ±0.2°C
Temperature uniformity of mattress ≤2°
Angle of warmer module ±60°
Inclination of bassinet Raise the tilt mechanism upward, the max.angle is 20° while make the tilt mechanism downward, the max.angle is 15°
APGAR timer It will give sound when the unit is tones at 1’,5’, 10’
Failure alarm Over temperature alarm, deviation alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, setting alarm, checking alarm and so on
Max. bilirubin radiation on the mattress effective range ≥ 1mW/cm2
Dimension 1500mm×810mm×1475mm
Gr.Weight 250kg

Basic service