Patient Monitor DIXION Storm 5900

Portable and reliable total monitoring solution for Intensive care / Intermediate care

Pacemaker detection, defibrillation and electrosurgical interference protection

720s long time full-disclosure waveforms review

SpCte pulse-tone modulation (Pitch Tone)

Full ECG waveform display

Nurse Call function and bi-directional communication with MFM-CMS central station

Powerful data storage capacity and power off storage

Complete and flexible mounting solution for transportation and in-patient monitoring

Data management by PatientCare viewer PC software

Description Lightweight, compact, portable
DISPLAY 10.4“ color TFT display
PARAMETERS ECG, SpO2, Resp, NIBP, 2-Temp, PR, 2-IBP Nellcor Oximax / SpO2
Spo2 SpO2 pulse-tone modulation (Pitch Tone)
NETWORKING Bi-directional communications with  central monitoring system. Network capability
LEADS Multi-leads ECG waveforms (7 leads) display
ANALYSIS Arrhythmia analysis, multi-lead S-T segment
Battery Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Storage Powerful data storage capacity (96 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters, 500 NIBP measurement, 60 alarm events)

Basic service