Stretcher DIXION Portus 2005

The Portus Stretcher enables to give first aid quickly and efficiently in several situations. The bed ensures safety for the patient and facilitates the work of the medical staff.


  • Operations: the stretcher is very easy to operate and can be put in
  • its desired position in no time – (Reverse) Trendelenburg (option),
  • seating position, high/low position
  • X-ray permeable mattress platform
  • The maintenance-free hydraulic pump and gas spring make this
  • stretcher a durable investment
  • The push handles guarantee that the stretcher can be moved
  • ergonomically


Length 217,5 cm
Width 80 cm
Height variation of the mattress platform ± 46 cm – ± 85,5 cm (adjustable height) /73 cm (fixed height)
Lift capacity 200 kg
Weight (without accessories) 85 kg (adjustable height)

70 kg (fixed height)


Mattress dimensions 201 x 70,5 x 7 cm
Trendelenburg Up to ±12⁰
Reverse Trendelenburg Up to ±12⁰
Adjustable backrest Up to ±90⁰


  • Fixed height
  • Adjustable height


  • Fixation rail
  • IV stand
  • Sideguards
  • Hygienic cover cap
  • 5th castor
  • Oxygen bottle holder
  • X-ray cassette holder
  • Comfort mattress

Basic service