Surgical Lights LED DIXION Convelar 1670 LED+/1675 LED+/1677 LED+

New LED lights – energy-saving, with an increased lifespan of more than 50 000 hours.

Shadow dilution

Optimally positioned light source provides enough coverage of the surgical field even with a partial shade. Light field diameter is up to 350 mm.

Increased illumination depth

The design of the light heads provides focusing of the light field over 1.4 m. The light field center is 160 kLx. Correlated color temperature is adjustable within 3 500K – 5 000K, which allows the surgeon to choose the optimal lighting for all operations.

Touch-screen control panel

Each light head of the lighting system has a control panel.

Control panel

  • Power on/off
  • Dimming
  • Regulation of color temperature
  • CRI regulation
  • Focus of the camera (optional)

Easy adjustment allows medical personnel to illuminate the surgical area properly.

Universal ceiling mount

Ceiling mounting system is very simple and affords precise positioning of the light heads. You can choose mobile floor lamp as well as single or double ceiling mount model.

Surgical light LED with video system consists of a built-in HD camera, video recorder, monitor  and remote controller.


  • Optical zoom
  • Automatic White Balance
  • View of single or several images in real time and easy change of images
  • Autosave
  • Video playback
  • Network transmission
  • Possibility of video teaching and telemedicine
  • The video system can be built-in only in the light head with a diameter of 700mm
Model Light head diameter – 500 mm Light head diameter – 700 mm
Maximum illuminance in 1 m distance 120 kLx 160 kLx
Color  temperature 3 500 – 5 000 K 3 500 – 5 000 K
Color rendering index 85 – 96 85 – 96
Ratio of radiation illumination


   < 3.6    < 3.6
Light field diameter


120 – 350 mm 120 – 350 mm
Lighting depth >1400 >1400
Lifespan of light sources >50 000 h >50 000 h
Power consumption 58 W 126 W

Double-system surgical lights LED+
Convelar 1675 LED+ has one light head with a diameter of 500 mm and the other one with a diameter of 700 mm.
Convelar 1677 LED+ consists of a combination of two light heads with a diameter of 700 mm.

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